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London Forum Awards 2017:
Some guidance notes

Some examples of what some societies are doing to remain attractive and vigorous and impact on their community:

 Finding ways of obtaining the views of young people, perhaps through social media, about what they value in your community and what they would like to see changed

Making people aware of how plans and planning documents will affect their lives, for good or ill, and showing them how they can best have an influence.  The new Mayor is producing a new London Plan and supporting strategies, and borough councils will be expected to revise their Local Plans and use them in taking decisions on planning applications.

Publicising the Society’s position on local issues    Doing that promptly and in the most effective ways (for example through tweets and blogs); ensuring those positions take account of the views of wider sections of the community  

Contributing to place-making    Reinforcing or creating, for residents and visitors, an attractive identity for a particular locality: for example by obtaining improvements to the public realm and new signage, arranging walks or talks to spread understanding of its history and heritage.

Arranging a celebration of one or more local Conservation Areas to mark the 50th anniversary of the legislation creating Conservation Areas’

Encouraging local people or students to set up or join task groups  For example  to preserve and enhance previously undervalued green spaces; or to carry out voluntary service, for example providing contacts or context for the lonely 

Involving newer residents   Making contact with people moving into an area, whether in new housing developments or individually; engaging their interest in the area; seeking to discover what their concerns are about it; and finding how those concerns might be dealt with by task groups or in other ways

Activities for parents and children   For example nature trails, heritage trails, orienteering, quizzes, crafts, cookery competitions.

Recognising and promoting individual achievement in benefiting the local community  Through award schemes for individuals or small groups, whether or not members of the Society; stratified by age, including categories for children and young people 

Making an effective contribution to wider local events    For example street festivals or community arts projects

These notes give examples of what some societies are doing to remain attractive and vigorous and impact on their community.  Is your society doing, or preparing to do, some of those things?  Are there some other new things not mentioned here that your society is doing, and other societies may want to hear about?

You may download a copy of these notes here.