There were two consultations in January 2022 by the GLA on issues to be taken into account in the preparation of the next London Plan and on the annual monitoring report (AMR) of key performance indicators for the current London Plan version introduced in March 2021. London Forum’s responses to those are in its web site ‘What We’ve Said‘ section.
Guidance documents to support the implementation of specific policies in the London Plan have been published or draft versions of some of them are being consulted upon in February 2022. London Forum has prepared a briefing document on those to assist engagement and response by civic and community groups. Comments are included on the timescale for preparing a replacement London Plan and on the availability of AMR data for the last version.
A report has been published on the potential problems of industrial land being lost at a greater rate than the London Plan expected. That may be accelerated by the Direction DR4 of the Government in December 2020 to weaken policies in the current London Plan for the retention and enhancement of such land.

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