Canary Wharf from Greenwich
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About the London Forum

The London Forum represents the views and interests of amenity and civic societies in London and their members on issues that are important for the living and working environment of Londoners, particularly in the fields of Town Planning, Development Management, Heritage, Transport, Infrastructure, Waterways and Open Spaces.

We do this by

  • taking part in meetings and consultations held by the Mayor of London, Transport for London, other Londonwide bodies, and departments and agencies of national government.
  • submitting written responses to consultations
  • monitoring and responding to, the Mayor's policies and decisions
  • taking part in Examinations in Public of Amendments to the London Plan and some major public inquiries
  • liaising with London Councils (representing the London Boroughs), the Association of London Borough Planning Officers and national amenity societies
  • submitting oral and written evidence to Scrutinies held by the London Assembly and to relevant Parliamentary inquiries
  • mounting campaigns on important issues.

Current objectives and priorities are set out in a Business Plan, which is discussed and agreed by the London Forum's Executive Committee and reviewed regularly.

Members are kept up to date with events and briefed on the London Forum's position and how to support it by lobbying their own MP or Council, through

  • open meetings with expert speakers
  • e-bulletins and this web site with its display of the Forum's Twitter postings
  • our magazine, Newsforum, - which is read widely by London's decision makers